River Run Hydro

River Run Hydro is an engineering and construction firm specializing in run of river hydroelectric development.  Headquartered in Costa Rica, we specialize in commercial cogeneration hydroelectric development as well as independent and grid-tie solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

We provide detailed initial site assessments, downstream engineering, and for projects that are commercially viable offer a variety of capital investment options to enable land owners to develop property resources through investment that we bring to the table.  For such property owners able to capitalize projects internally, we offer engineering, environmental permitting, utility contracting, construction and facility management services.

River Run Hydro

In Costa Rica, private power generation, whether for commercial resale to the grid or for independent or grid-tie use is economically favorable due in part to the high cost of power.  But run-of-river style hydroelectric is also environmentally favorable owing to its carbon neutrality, and financially attractive because it does not require exorbitant sums to capitalize projects that can expect return on investment starting at ten percent.

The information in this web site is designed to provide interested parties with enough information to evaluate their own resources preliminarily to determine if a more in-depth resource evaluation is merited.  We welcome the opportunity to provide property evaluations for those that wish to learn more about their resource potential and the viability of exploiting that potential.

Micro-hydroelectric installations are the most efficient way for a residential or commercial enterprise to capitalize on limited resources to provide internal power. The energy generated is stored in batteries and then converted for use by inverters.t

Grid-tie systems depend on a local or regional electrical grid to replace the function of batteries in an independent system. The power that is produced is continuously fed into the grid and power consumption is not constrained by generation rate since peak power demands are satisfied by the grid. In grid-tie systems, the owner is allowed full retail value for the energy produced….

Commercial cogeneration is larger scale and consists of energy production for sale to the grid. In Costa Rica, private power generators are paid 32-50% of retail price of electricity, conditional on a number of variables. The scale of cogeneration plants can range from run of river hydroelectric facilities in the 50 kw – 5 megawatt range to much larger production under conventional reservoir style hydro models.