Osa Water Works

OSA WATER WORKS is a water engineering and construction firm, specializing in the development of independent water systems  from springs, streams, rainfall capture, wells, and municipal water sources.  Working in tandem with partners Osa PowerLam Brothers Electrical contractorsDon Beto Construction, and other allied firms we offer comprehensive infrastructure solutions, specializing in remote and complicated installations.  Osa Water Works has in-house civil engineering talent and professional links with structural and electrical engineers,architects, and environmental consultants for the shepherding of environmental and building permit applications through SETENA, MINAET, the Department of Waters, and the Colegio de Arquitectos e Ingenieros for pre-project approvals.


I have master’s degrees in both geology and civil engineering and twenty years of experience in tropical hydrology, fourteen in Costa Rica.  I and my company approach project development through six basic steps.

1)  Problem Evaluation.  We start with all the information you can provide using this questionnaire or on the basis of emails and phone calls.  Based on the information you provide I will offer as full an orientation as I am able to the best approach to identifying and evaluating likely solutions to the issue(s) at hand.  Problem evaluation carries no charge and comes at no obligation.

2)  Site Survey and Evaluation.  For project development work, a preliminary and detailed site survey is always required to identify key variables that affect design, engineering and costs.  A site survey typically reviews a user’s water demands and the resources available to supply that demand, including elevations, distances, and all elements that relate to construction.

3)  Engineering and Design.  Based on information gathered during a site survey, best engineering and design practices are used to define the range solution options.  These are in turn evaluated economically and the most viable option is developed into a project proposal where a work plan, materials and labor budget, and contingencies are all detailed and itemized to arrive at an installation proposal that can either be a firm bid or a cost-plus estimation of the work involved, depending on the work and the client’s preferences.

4)  Environmental and Building Permits.  Some installations require environmental permitting by Setena and construction permits issued by the Municipality where the work is to be undertaken.  Also, water concessions are typically recommended for most water development projects and other regulatory requirements may apply in coastal areas, environmentally sensitive locations, or on the basis of the project.  We take on the task of full permitting from all regulating entities and provide full quotes in advance of the costs associated when such permits are required.

5)  Construction and Installation.  Upon the decision to proceed, Osa Water Works deploys with construction, piping, and electrical crews as needed to implement and commission the contracted solution.

5)  Followup and Training.  Osa Water Works completes each new installation with training and commissioning, whether it is a rainfall capture system for potable water supply, a pressurization system for a residential subdivision, or a simple home filtration treatment system.  We provide full backup an, service, and supply replacement parts.

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